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Uniondale, NY-January 6: Colin McDonald #13 of the NY Islanders gets checked by Jamie Benn #14 of the Dallas Stars during the 2nd period at Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum on January 6, 2014 in Uniondale, NY. (Brandon Titus/Inside Hockey)

Photographers note:  Always have the frame of mind to A) move your camera a safe distance away from the camera hole, B) don’t bother moving your knees away from the boards, no matter how much you move them back the “Give” from the boards always seem to hit them, C) keep yourself in a position that your camera hand will be stable and that you won’t fly out of your seat while you lean back, bracing for impact, D) keep shooting and don’t blink even though a combined 435-lbs of Hockey Player is coming at your pane of glass.  Even if the pane shatters you’ll look like a badass, and if you’re shooting Colin McDonald he might just smile the whole way while he slams the boards into your knees, E) If the away team’s player’s hockey stick comes through the camera hole during the hit keep shooting, don’t bother grabbing the stick with your hand you need to focus on shooting, instead bite the stick with your teeth and imitate a dog playing tug of war, I’d assume most players would give up out of fear, and let you take it home with little protest…and no, photographers never get game used souvenirs…darn kids with their puppy dog eyes.

these two guys should get a lot more love on tumblr: a musical
these two guys should get a lot more love on tumblr: a musical


There are butts. I had to. [x]


Look what happens when you give @MattyMarts17 & Colin McDonald a wall and a medicine ball